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As an entrepreneurial ambition we at Wide Need find an immense opportunity in sanitation sector of Indian Market.

The ratio of toilet facilities to number of humans in India is still a challenge. We aim to solve the basic problem of peeing when the access to washroom becomes difficult. The applications of our product line can be broad enough right from tourism ,travel space to people who suffer immobility issues and face repeated challenges for peeing. We are engaged in producing proprietary, sustainable and hygienic solutions for human pee problems.

Our Product

Peeschute is an innovative and patented unisexual pocket toilet which can be used to urinate when attending the nature's call is difficult.

Peeschute is environment - friendly product which instantly solidifies human urine and turns it into odour free non liquid state to ensure high standards of hygiene.

How to use?

4 simple step solution to health and hygiene

Step 1: Open & Press Edges

Place your forefinger & thumb at corners of the opening of the bag.

Gently press the edges to make an opening.

Step 2: Place & Use

Place and adjust the opening of the bag to cover urine-flow area between your legs.

Let go to the pressure and urinate in the bag.

The urine will be converted to a gel form instantly.

Step 3: Fold and Seal

Fold the bag at the dotted line marked "fold here after use" to seal and avoid spillage.

Step 4: Dispose

If the garbage bin is nearby then dispose it in the bin.

If not then the bag has a standing base which allows it to be kept aside after use and dispossed later.

Some facts about Urine

Holding in your pee for a long period of time can often stretch your bladder and in some rare cases
also extend the external sphincter muscles [these muscles are the gate-keepers of the pee point of your bladder]

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Who can use Peeschute?

Especially designed for those who find accessing toilets difficult,
and anyone who can’t access clean toilets

Lower body injuries

People with - Lower body injuries

Leg/Foot Fracture

People with - Leg/Foot Fracture


People with - Arthritis


People who - Camp

Temp/Permanent Immobility

For Temp/Permanent Immobility

Early Stage Prostate Patients

For early stage prostate patients

Pregnant women

For pregnant women


People who - Travel

Benefits of using Peeschute

Best hygienic alternative to pee


No dependence on unhygienic public toilets or on care takers to get you urinal pots when you want to pee.


Easy to use & dispose.



ISO 9001:2015 certified [No. 18DQER36]


Light-weight, fits in your pockets.


Gel formula ensures no spillage or splashing of liquid.


You can pee at your own free will, in a safe & hygienic manner.


The sealing off of the Peeschute bag with granules ensures no leakage of smell from the bag.

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